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Jeppe Eimose Waagstein

Jeppe Eimose Waagstein

Videnskabelig ass.

Medlem af:

I am a PhD fellow at the Department of Computer Science, University of Copenhagen.

In my project, I study how IT-systems can be designed to support humanities scholars in their qualitative analyses of digitized material and how such IT-systems may support scholars with cooperative work. E.g. egyptologists working with digital images of papyri or historians working with digital images of legal documents.

I am especially interested in how comptuers can be used for qualitative studies, how interpretative information can be data modelled and how user interfaces can be designed to support research in the humanities.

My project is part of and partly funded by the research project The past’s future: Digital transformations and cultural heritage institutions. My project runs from January 2015 to end December 2017 and my supervisor is professor Jørgen P. Bansler.

ID: 129475703